Essex County Health Department

Essex County Health Department Public Health Unit is well positioned to act as the convener of this Collaborative. As a local health department of the New York State Department of Health, it operates under guiding principles of social justice and health equity; has long-standing collaborative relationships with partner organizations and considerable success in community mobilization efforts such as the projects proposed under the umbrella of the Well Fed Essex County Collaborative.

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These are all the projects the Essex County Health Department is involved with in collaboration with Well Fed.

Essex County Health Department’s vision is healthy people in healthy communities

It is the mission of Essex County Health Department to prevent disease, promote health, and protect life by contributing to conditions within our communities such that people can be healthy.

This mission is achieved by:

  • assessing and responding to public health needs
  • educating and empowering people about health issues
  • mobilizing community partnerships
  • assuring effective programming and practices
  • linking people to health services

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