The Farmacy project works to address food access barriers with innovative solutions. While many rural downtowns cannot support a year-round local grocery store, the Farmacy model provides another option whereby an existing business incorporates a farm grocery section into its storefront. This can bring excitement and added foot traffic to the existing store and increased access to high-quality food in a community without incurring the operating costs of opening a new store.

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Participating Partners

Esssex County Heath Department


Cornell Cooperative Extension

Hub on the Hill

The Keeseville Farmacy accepts SNAP, Wellness RX, Double Up Food Bucks, FreshConnect Coupons, Farm fresh cash

Mountain Weavers’ Farm Store in Port Henry accepts FMNP, SFMNP, Wellness RX, FreshConnect Coupons, Farm Fresh cash

Innovative food access programs like the Farmacy help reduce these barriers to fresh food within communities by offering alternative solutions while keeping food dollars within local economies and the hands of local farmers. By bridging the gap between producers and their community, it is possible to put money back into local economies and promote vibrant communities in the North Country, while ensuring that all people have access to the bounty of our region.

Educational Classes

While direct access to fresh food can be an obstacle to many communities, another common barrier to consuming local food is cooking education barriers. In addition to physically offering food on the shelves of the Farmacy project locations, this project helps to offer a variety of education and outreach resources revolving around local food. This includes cooking classes, demonstrations, incentive programs, recipe development, and local food promotion. This outreach is intended to remove barriers for consumers to using local food in healthy and wholesome food preparation techniques.