Wellness RX

As most of us know, the cheapest foods available can cause diet related disease. Wellness RX is a referral program that incorporates a holistic approach through nutrition education and vouchers for fresh fruits and vegetables. Studies have shown a significant impact on chronic disease through diet modification. By participating in Wellness RX, we are addressing the dietary crisis within our communities.

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Participating Partners

Esssex County Heath Department

UVMHN Elizabethtown Community Hospital

Cornell Cooperative Extension

What does the patient experience look like?

  1. Patients are recruited by health care providers to participate in the program.
  2. Participants must attend Wellness Visits to receive nutrition education.
  3. Participants will receive vouchers for fresh fruits and vegetables at each visit and are encouraged to participate in pre and post evaluations.
  4. Participants will redeem vouchers for fresh, nutritious foods at participating retailers

The mission of Wellness RX is to increase affordable access to healthy produce in efforts to decrease chronic disease within our community. Wellness RX has been created as a six month program designed to provide nutritional education to participants, as well as vouchers for fresh produce.